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Matt Powell (they/he)
Assistant Director with Digital Focus 

powellicus exes are like coffee, there's always a bit of them left behind


i don't think of what was

or what could have been

that feels another country

somewhere i visited once, existed in once, loved in once

when the doors closed and we found ourselves suddenly free of noise,

of rushing and running

of a constant hustle to exist and earn

there was somewhat a sense of freedom

somewhat a sense of breathing

somewhat a sense of space like no other

but it journeyed on

and we found ourselves continuously there

continuously alone

longing for touch

longing for noise




yet fearing



as the silent invisible restriction continued to define our existence

so when we step back out that door

i wonder what will be in store

the world has changed

our minds have change

our beings have changed

i dont want to go back to what was before

i want to step forward

as me

and open a new door

powellicus free writing on what we've missed



powellicus zoom rehearsing monologues with @vedi_roy @s@m @meg@n


powellicus LOCKDOWN LOVE - in rehearsal, reimagined for digital

Starring @megan & @s.a.m - Choreographed by @vedi_roy - Edited by me


powellicus FRUSTRATIONREMIXED - in rehearsal, reimagined for digital

Starring the full company


drag race.png

powellicus LEAKED DRAG RACE UK CAST REVEALED - Just listen and come THRUUUUU!!!!


WhatsApp Image 2021-08-03 at 19.55.36.jpeg

powellicus Tech! (Photo: Jake Morry)



powellicus The sun bursting through the clouds as tech draws to a close.


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