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j0hnathan The Diary of a £10 Note

Hey, the names Tony and well I’ve been through a lot in my time; dropped in a puddle, gumfied by a baby and worst of all been used to wipe someone’s behind. But, none of that could have ever prepared me for lockdown, the isolation of the wallet. 


I used to think of my life as an adventure, being passed from till to till, wallet to wallet, meeting some remarkable and some not so remarkable people.  But, now that place of comfort has become my prison, leaving me with nothing but my imagination for company.


Well, I mean I did have Debbie, but she’s a Debit Card, so she’s used to being in the wallet. I’m not! I need to be out there, experiencing life. But, with this lockdown that couldn’t happen and so I just went insane.


And it wasn’t just loneliness I was feeling, it was anger. Anger at the Masks and Handsitsier, because they used to be nothing, but then all of sudden the virus hits and they become the most prized possession. I remember when I was the most prized possession, when I was all that every man and woman wanted. 


Now, I’m nothing, my life empty and unfilled.


Lockdown’s destroyed my life and…


Curse you Lockdown!  


powellicus FRUSTRATIONREMIXED - in rehearsal, reimagined for digital

Starring the full company


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j0hnathan The same questions over and over and over and over and over again



ja$mine long exposure frustrations reflecting how we externally feel and how we internally feel



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ad_dada Behind the scenes: Seconds before Jacob's big moment!


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